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return policy

1. How long is the term for the “one year warranty” service? Free?

1. The one year warranty, quality guarantee service is provided for each product sold, of which the first year is free. The one year warranty, service is based on the actual date of receipt of the product. Please pay attention to the delivery date when you sign the delivery document. During the one year warranty period, if the product has problems under normal use and maintenance, please contact the customer service as soon as possible to check the product. If it is a product quality problem, we will repair it for you until the problem is solved.

2. During the one year warranty period, the relevant expenses for the first year shall be borne by the author. From the second year onwards, the company will serve you according to the actual situation, and collect reasonable costs such as raw material costs and door-to-door maintenance fees. The specific amount will be agreed with you before each service.

2. If there is a problem with the product within the one-year warranty, can I return it directly?


Within the scope of the one-year warranty service, if the product has quality problems during normal use, we will solve the problem for you according to the following standards:

Maintenance: Within the one-year warranty service, the product has quality problems, and the repair will be responsible for the repair;

Replacement: During the one-year warranty service, if the same problem cannot be solved after two repairs, we will replace the product;

Return: Within the one-year warranty service, after the same product has been replaced twice, the quality standard cannot be reached. You can choose to replace other similar products or return the product.

3. What problems are not in the one-year warranty?

Special cases that are not within the scope of the one-year warranty service:

The color difference caused by shooting equipment, display, light, etc., is not a product quality problem;

The size problem caused by the inconsistency of the commodity measurement standards is not a commodity quality problem within the dimensional error specified by the relevant standards;

The natural defects produced by materials and processes are not a matter of commodity quality;

Failure to sign in accordance with the standard receiving procedures, damage caused by improper unpacking;

Failure to comply with the instructions for the assembly of the manufactured product, damage to the product caused by incorrect assembly;

Failure to replace parts by self-replacement as required by the assembly instructions;

The customer may disassemble, replace, or damage the product in the wrong environment;

Incorrect maintenance or failure to perform in accordance with the operation of the Product Use and Maintenance Manual;

Damage caused by repairs by non-professionals;

Loss of personal and property due to improper use of the product or component;

The customer cannot provide the purchase invoice and warranty card, or modify the warranty card without authorization;

Product damage caused by other force majeure (earthquake, fire);

Other use, maintenance, improper storage and man-made damage;

The three-package period for mildew and fogging of glass mirrors is six months, and only the repair service is available for handling furniture goods.

5. What information do I need to attach when I return the items?

For the quality of goods, troubles need to provide evidence to the customer service. If the customer service receives the evidence, it will be handled according to the quality one year warranty. If the return is indeed made, you should return the goods after proper packaging, and attach your user information and order number to the goods. Please return the method and address with customer service.

If the return order contains a gift, you need to send the gift back. If the gift is damaged or lost, you need to deduct the value of the gift. If you have already issued the invoice and the invoice is lost, the TAX refund point (5%) needs you to pay;

6. Who will bear this responsibility if product damage occurs during the return process?

After receiving the product you sent back, we will confirm the condition of the product, and confirm the replacement or return of the goods with you. If the damage caused by your improper packaging, you will be responsible for it;

7. Where can I accept my refund?

We will refund the balance to your account when a refund occurs due to the return, if you want to withdraw money from your account, please chat with us.

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